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My book? For me, this was also a life lesson

Lunedì, 13 Maggio 2024 18:52

Autore: Fiumicino-Online

My book? For me, this was also a life lesson
Veronica Vincenzi, holistic therapist, author of her first bilingual book about the holistic disciplines

This is the first bilingual book in Italian and English about the holistic disciplines and as with all things that are precious, they give much satisfaction and also leave you with an important life lesson, it has not been easy to achieve.
7 pills of well-being – the holistic approach for an authentic balance between body, mind and spirit” or rather “The holistic approach for an authentic balance between body, mind and spirit” is the much desired book by the holistic therapist and spiritual researcher, Veronica Vincenzi, she grew up in Fiumicino and after a few years  of living in England, she returned and opened up her holistic studio “A caress of the soul”.
Those years spent in England gave her so much, including the love for holistic disciplines and the friendship  and with Rebecca, who from across the channel gave her private English lessons and over time she became more than just a teacher.
“For many years I had a profound desire to write this book and when the moment finally arrived I wanted to do it in both Italian and in English, I immediately had Rebecca in mind to translate it”, quoted the author of the book, as a result she appointed Rebecca Nuzzo to translate the book recently published and available on paperback on Amazon. Rebecca still lives in England, born to an Italian father from Puglia and an English mother, she has been an Italian teacher and university lecturer since 1997; she is a also mother of two and is also a qualified yoga, meditation and dance instructor.
“With Rebecca a beautiful friendship blossomed – explains Veronica Vincenzi - I really hoped that she would see this project through with me. This was the case and I was really happy from the start, even though there were some unexpected difficulties. Obstacles that at certain points seemed a challenge to overcome”.
The plan to write a book began last year for Veronica with the intention to publish it by Christmas 2023. However, Rebecca was challenged by some serious health concerns, whilst Veronica’s determination was also challenged.
“Unfortunately, Rebecca battled with breast cancer during the months we were writing and translating the book, and understandably this complicated many things, above all there was concern for her health. I wanted her to be well and to be cured as soon as possible, I asked her multiple time is she felt well enough to continue or if she wanted to focus purely on her treatment. Rebecca always confirmed her wish and ability to continue, despite the many surgeries, chemotherapy and physical limitations she experienced at that time. A little extra time was needed. She confessed to me that the commitment of the book was extremely useful in distracting her from the pain and the fear and she felt useful. She had a purpose still in life and hope for the future.
Rebecca is a very strong, determined person, as am I and have had to be. I can’t deny that there were a few wobbles, with regards to her health and the finishing of the book, with her translation, something I valued a lot. I couldn’t wait for my book to be complete and for her to be well”.
Not everything in life goes the way we want it to, but we are not always dealing with a serious hindrance because as the holistic therapist quotes, behind every difficulty, true life lessons can be taught.
“At a certain point I decided to let things go and that they would take their own course. I resigned myself to the fact that the publication date of my book would be delayed. From that point everything went more smoothly, and after much work on myself, I understood what I should take from this: time has its reasons and also if sometimes things seem to stop and be blocked, it’s OK all the same, it is meant to be; rushing things does not help. It seemed to be a challenge of my determination: the situation forced me to ask myself: how determined are you? I replied to myself that I was determined enough to wait for Rebecca to get better, because it was what I wanted. After years of wanting to write this book, every extra day that I waited seemed endless but now I can say that I have learnt a lot from this life lesson. Life often puts similar situations in front of us to test us. My holistic disciplines came to my aid and helped me re-find a balance at that time. Now that I can actually say “we did it”, I am very happy that Rebecca is feeling better, that my book has been published and that there is not only her translation inside the book but also our determination, friendship and the lesson learnt that time must take its course. Both Rebecca and I hope that this open and personal account of what was going on behind the scenes, may be useful to the readers and may encourage everyone to check not only their own breasts but also their general health, from all aspects. With one extra check-up a human life may be saved”.
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